Walking Men

Screen print,

A3 format

October 2019


"we are made by material images that we remake in our turn.

We are inhabited by deep imaginings

— visual and verbal —

— auditory and tactile —

that we reinhabit in our own unique way."

Gaston Bachelard

Inhabited by the Invisible 2.jpg

Inhabited by Visual Imaginings

Acrylic and oil painting, etchings into the paint, ceramic

on wooden panel

61 x 91 cm

January 2020

3D Figures + Adjusted shadows.jpg


made with a 3D pen

November 2019

Shadows experiments.jpg

Poetic Machines

'Nostalgia for past worlds,

poetic, for the architecture reminds the existence of durable things, shaped by our fellows

"Walls have ears", what if they had eyes ?

this presence is a mark, proof of the existence of the past, of ourselves


Static, stillness haunts us, stares at us, ready to emerge

It saw our ancestors, the evolution, observed us


Monumental monument

Built by many hands

The hand = the most effective tool, multi-task, no one reaches it at the ankle

Writhes, like a dance

A dance of crazy houses

Houses with golden, blue and green roofs

Memory of forms, invades our subconscious and determines our patterns, paths, roads


Construction world is expanding, more and more Massive

it swarms

it grows

it rises

it takes time, one has to be patient,

but time Flies


Flouted Perspectives, fuzzy, manifold


Circled by quadratic forms


Geometry but not harmony

complexity of connections

Connections = Disconnection from others

predictable walk

Are we heading the wrong way

is there a right way?

Architectural shaping of the mind


Simultaneous creation and discovery

acquires meaning, more natural action

creative freedom, imagination

The Art of architecture

first shot

one step'