Community House

blue house .jpg

Blue House


Iceberg House

pens, posca and inks

Sketches - small formats

November 2017


In these drawings, I depicted Imaginary constructions, they represent the essence of my practice,

when I began to create unusual architectures.

To fill in the gaps by building coincidences of forms that intersect, intermingle, juxtapose and connect.

Red Fish 1.heic
Red Fish 2.heic


Black pen and coloured poscas

High intensity Painting.jpg

the sustainability of works in urban places

Cotton Canvas

40 X 40 cm

January 2018



This is an experimental painting based on a work of the photograph Filip Dujardin, who makes compositions of surrealist architectures.
The aim here was to combine detailed drawings with the painting to create

For instance, I realized deep pen drawings on paper which I used to strip parts of a thin layer of acrylic paint from the canvas. Then, etchings were made into the paint with a metal point in some parts.


Thereafter, I experimented the light intensity which allowed me to see the engravings appear.

With this technique I had to be very quick before the paint dried - I enjoyed the process in engaging in a rapid performance.

AI Painting.jpg

Instant City

Acrylics, inks, engravings, transfer papers on Cardboard

100 x 140 cm

 May 2018


I believe that constructions express a physical manifestation of our personal and collective aspirations;

there is a direct relationship between the architecture we conceive and our living experiences.

This large painting represents a modular city.

High-tech architectures have the potential of being more responsive and representative of a generation.

I tried to depict the world of today related to technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence.

I found an other manner of making interesting textural aspect: after coating the surface with primary colors layers, I was able, by engraving with the metal point, to see multicolor lines appear.

As I later realized, all these experimentations would not have worked as well on a canvas.