Concealed Circuits

Acrylic and oil painting,

etchings in paint

on wooden panel

50 x 70 cm

March 2020

Concealed c 2.jpg
Concealed c 1.jpg

Enlarging details

Sculpture engraved.jpg


My paintings always contain architectural elements in perspective.

To make the viewing experience more immersive, I imagined creating an entire room where the artworks occupy the entire surface of the floor as well as the walls around, with a black ceiling.

I experimented engravings into plaster.

In my view, etching is a technique that we should understand within the discipline of sculpture, as it is a microscopical sculptural work which reveals the depth of surfaces.



Acrylic and oil painting,

etchings in paint

on aluminium board

42 x 60 cm

April 2020

Music credits: Pierre Halpern

Sensualité 2.jpg


Acrylic and oil painting,

etchings in paint

on wooden panel

60 x 80 cm

May 2020



In this painting, I depicted human figures we barely see among the deconstructed pathways of geometric shapes and lines.

I found the idea of representing fluid bodies in sensual positions attractive. In order to appreciate them, one has to get closer.

The first layers are made from acrylics, their patterns are softer which contrast with the straight lines of the engravings.

The tend to bring together the organic structures and the figures in a symbiotic aspect.

I tend to make a whole of gaudy colors to accentuate sensualism feeling.

Sensu jdm.jpg


The architectural language of the paintings was used to create the assets. For instance, I extracted the sides of two cubes in one of my paintings to create a 3D model in the shape of a cube. I thought it would be interesting to increase the scale of the model as my artworks are normally very detailed and miniature. The immersive gallery space would enable visitors to dive into the graphic information and feel the pathway to their own natural scale and size. 

sensu drv.jpg
sensu gjr.jpg


The cube, taken to great dimensions with sides of measuring tens of meters, rests on a single edge and is tilted toward the ground. It provide shade and protection for artworks which can be displayed beneath it. The artworks are printed/attached on tall monoliths around which visitors can walk freely. The fact that the same architectural elements are present on both the artworks and the giant cube, with one of the sides constituting the ceiling, is meant to make the gallery space more immersive for the viewer.


Video in augmented reality made with Adobe Aero