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Series Painting skins - Solo exhibition, March 2024, Gallery 24b

In this series, Anouchka Gérard went in search of a universe hidden in matter.

Tired of the ancestral oxymoron "chiaroscuro", a technique used in painting consisting of modulating light on a background of shadow; she unconsciously took the opposite path, that is to say starting from dark matter and making light appear by engraving grooves in it.

The support will be glass, a marvelous receptacle for the layers of paint to come, which it will leave unscathed when the time comes to peel them off to become skins. Outside of any support they become alive, cut, scraped, scratched, sometimes sewn; forever marked by all these attacks, they stand before us autonomously.

This is how we discover them.

Some wounds that are too deep allow light to shine through like in a stained glass window.

Dense and complex cities then emerge, invasive, evocative of our urbanity. But with proportions the balance of power is reversed, they are able to adapt to their environment.

Constructed from a multitude of straight lines drawn by hand, this execution is central to Anouchka's work. A process that allows him to feel the passage of time, almost to control it, so much so that it is difficult for him to know when to put an end to it.

Thanks to the Atelier du Deux Oeil for their valuable advice and assistance in the graciously mastered coaching process.


Paint skins detached from their etched glass support

Inks, Acrylics and sewing threads

Etched glass plates, manufacturing process

Details Maison Iceberg

Details Volcano

Details Gravé jaune


Engraved paint skins and detached from their glass support



Engraved paint skins and detached from their glass support


Details Papyrus

Details Épave bleue

Details Vert d'eau


Painting skinsremoved from their glass backing and sewn

Acrylics, sewing threads and resin

Details Rose clair cousu

Details Résine bleue


Paint skinremoved from its glass support

Acrylics and resin

Video of the manufacturing process

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