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blue house .jpg

Community house

Blue house

In these drawings, I depicted imaginary constructions that embody the essence of my practice, when I began to create unusual architectures.

Fill in the gaps by constructing coincidences of shapes that intersect, mingle, juxtapose and connect.


Walking Men​

​Screen printing,

6 editions

A3 format


Metal plate for etching.jpg

New City​


and ink stained on the reverse of the plate

on paper

Ed. 2/3


detail rouge FSP.jpg
detail bleu FSP.jpg

Movie Strip Puzzle​

Composition of 3 etchings

84.1 x 118.9 cm


Explore the relationship between;

architecture and rhythm.

The repetition of shapes and the gradual change of colors attempt to give a sense of flickering and evoke musical rhythms. 

Each edge is designed to match the opposite one to work like an infinite puzzle.


It is a craft technique of printmaking, many artists mainly used it in the past.

The prints were made from the metallic copper engraving plate. That consists of:

With this technique carried out in a copper plate covered with wax; we use a needle to execute the lines of the desired image. Wherever the tip goes, it penetrates the wax and removes the copper. All that remains is to immerse the plate in an acid which attacks the metal in the places where it has been exposed.

We can now make editions of this board. If the ink is transmitted and then wiped away, only these recesses will retain the ink. After all, the plate is pressed very hard against a sheet of paper, the ink left in the grooves will be printed on the sheet.

Red Fish 1.heic
Red Fish 2.heic


Black pen and colored poscas

Concrete building.jpg
Blue Flying machine.heic

Out of the blue

Concrete Building & Train cables

Drawings embedded in photos

September 2019

I combined my drawing lines with photographs to explore creating the echo between 2D and 3D.

The images depict train cables and a concrete building.

Organic Matter.heic

"The structures behave like organic matter,

swarming like an anthill,

and evolving like a piece of music.




Black pen, inks, engravings and collages on white cardboard

84.1 x 118.9 cm

December 2018

The visionary Giovanni Battista Piranesi saw in the monuments built in the 18th century something superhuman, a secret metaphysical poetry where human will is inscribed in immense masonry. Piranesi symbolized indifferent human ants wandering in vast spaces and whose different groups almost never seem to communicate with each other or even perceive each other's presence.

I find it relevant to compare this architectural fantasy with our current world, where buildings take on a new dimension of delirium.

The citizens become microscopic and do not seem to notice that they are close to the abyss.

In the large composition, I represented the construction process, in a kind of urban genesis.

In my opinion, the use of bright colors in my work highlights the vivid impression of the structures.


The quote opposite shows the amusing contrast between the same events seen from a personal and global perspective.

Miniature worlds embody control.

People place such importance on discrete details only because they are important on their own scale.

On my scale, these miniature works represent imaginary worlds in which I can get lost.

This quote encompasses the feeling of empowerment I gain through my practice.

The latter allows me to explore a more conceptual architecture, which is not limited by physical laws.

A city in which the structures themselves can be made like organic beings – dense, complex cities like the ones we live in today, but which seem more organic and miniaturistic.

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