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Born in 1998, Anouchka is a French artist who now lives in Paris. She graduated from Wimbledon College with a Fine Art degree in 2020. She regularly shows her work in different cities across Europe.

Inspired by the architects Archigram, the engraver Piranese or the designer Paul Noble, she combines various techniques, notably painting and engraving, to create effects of texture and relief. She shapes the material, integrates graphic and architectural signs. These traces reveal tensions between the constructed and the organic, confinement and resilience, melody and chaos.

The marked and tattooed material is finally peeled off from its support and becomes Skin. This almost sculptural work reveals at the same time its depth and its vulnerability. Undeniable echo of our presence in the world.



Art business and art history

Master of Art, Sotheby's Institute of Art


Fine Art, Painting, Wimbledon College of Art UAL


Art prep, Atelier de Sèvres


Capsticks Exhibition, London

collective exhibition


Art Gazette, London

contemporary catalogue

Penultimatium, London

collective exhibition

Wimbledon Degree Show, London

students' exhibition


Made in Bed Magazine, London


Friends in the Arts, Venice/Lisbon

pages in their FITA MAGAZINE vol.1


Rouge Poivré Collectif

collective exhibition

Vert Galant Gallery Exhibition

Artichoke collective, group show

Van Gogh Art Gallery, Madrid

representation in their event and the art fair Art3f


ArtCamp, 8th édition

artists' residence in Andorra with UNESCO

Francophonie International Day with UNESCO

for monaco as a woman artist-painter


Peaux de Peinture, Solo Exhibition at Galerie 24b, Paris

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