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Inhabited by the Invisible 2.jpg

Mobile Habitats

Acrylic and oil paint,

engravings in painting

on wooden panel

61 x 47 cm


“We are shaped by material images which we in turn recreate.

We are inhabited by deep imaginations

— visual and verbal —

— auditory and tactile —

which we rehabilitate in our own unique way."

— Gaston Bachelard

Poetic Machines

'Nostalgia for past worlds,

poetic, for the architecture reminds the existence of durable things, shaped by our fellows

"Walls have ears", what if they had eyes ?

this presence is a mark, proof of the existence of the past, of ourselves


Static, stillness haunts us, stares at us, ready to emerge

It saw our ancestors, the evolution, observed us


Monumental monument

Built by many hands

The hand = the most effective tool, multi-task, no one reaches it at the ankle

Writhes, like a dance

A dance of crazy houses

Houses with golden, blue and green roofs

Memory of forms, invades our subconscious and determines our patterns, paths, roads


Construction world is expanding, more and more Massive

it swarms

it grows

it rises

it takes time, one has to be patient,

but time Flies


Flouted Perspectives, fuzzy, manifold


Circled by quadratic forms


Geometry but not harmony

complexity of connections

Connections = Disconnection from others

predictable walk

Are we heading the wrong way

is there a right way?

Architectural shaping of the mind


Simultaneous creation and discovery

acquires meaning, more natural action

creative freedom, imagination

The Art of architecture

first shot

one step'

High intensity Painting.jpg

the sustainability of works in urban places

Cotton canvas




It is an experimental painting based on a work by photographer Filip Dujardin, who creates surrealist architectural compositions. The goal here was to combine detailed drawings with painting to create textures.

For example, I made pen drawings by pressing hard on paper which I used to remove parts of a thin layer of acrylic paint from the canvas. Then engravings were made in the paint with a metal point on certain parts.

Subsequently, I experimented with the intensity of the light, which allowed me to see the engravings appear.

With this technique I had to be very quick before the paint dried - I enjoyed the process by engaging in a quick performance.

béton coloré 1.jpg

Colored concrete

Colored concrete block




Red concrete

Red concrete block



béton rouge 1.jpg

I experimented with engravings in concrete.

In my opinion, printmaking is a technique that we need to understand within the discipline of sculpture, because it is microscopic sculptural work that reveals the depth of surfaces.

AI Painting.jpg

Instant City

Acrylics, inks, engravings, transfer papers

on Cardboard

100 x 140 cm


I believe that constructions express a physical manifestation of our personal and collective aspirations;

there is a direct relationship between the architecture we design and our life experiences.

This large painting represents a modular city.

High-tech architectures have the potential to be more responsive and representative of a generation.

I tried to depict today's world related to technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence.

I found another way to make an interesting textural appearance: after coating the surface with layers of primary colors, I was able, by engraving with the metal tip, to see multicolored lines appear.

As I later realized, all this experimentation wouldn't have worked as well on a canvas.



Acrylic and oil paint,

engravings in oil painting

on aluminum panel

42 x 60 cm


In this painting, I represented deconstructed paths of geometric shapes and lines.

I had the idea of engraving the surface by engraving the last layer of still fresh oil paint with a density of small straight lines. The composition almost creates a living organism in sensual positions. To appreciate them, you have to get closer.

The first layers are made from acrylic, their patterns are softer which contrast with the straight lines of the engravings.

They tend to bring together organic structures and figures in a symbiotic aspect.

Mixing Table Painting 2.jpg

Like a dance machine​

Acrylic on linen with engraved parts

91.44 x 182.88 cm


I wanted to create the atmosphere of a conceptual funky warehouse that embodies the music, the rhythms, but also the energy of the people dancing in the room.

​The flexible body allows us to dance in complete freedom.

​For dancers, certain movements/dance steps can become mechanical which creates a jerky effect.

In this context, I also made a mini animation projected on the board to personify the loop synthesizer. 

I will never forget the experience I had when I first discovered the Cité Radieuse building by architect Le Corbusier, built in 1952 in Marseille.


This building was a community house and offered its residents access to several amenities. It is a concrete behemoth of 330 apartments that resembles an ocean liner. This building has local services inside and aspires to promote social and personal development. Each apartment contains colorful furniture and yet aims to meet people's needs.


I was fascinated by it and could stare at it for hours. As I stood beneath the immense mass of concrete supported by crushing pillars, I felt a sense of heaviness within the architecture, as if gravity was pulling harder. The beams created a feeling of large open space. Their drawn lines seemed authoritative and felt like they were calling the bodies to be in motion. I felt that a stark contrast between the fluid dances of human bodies and the heavy columns could be interesting. To my surprise, people were dancing on the roof.

IMG_0155 2.JPG

Color acrobats​

Decorative acrylic painting,

Base for creating silk scarves

122 x 122 cm


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